Melissa Cotton Womack, of How-To-Make-a-Terrarium fame, has just launched a new business of recycling vintage textiles into lovely home accessories such as pillows, wall hangings, and lampshades. Inspired by the aesthetics of her favorite movies, Rosemary’s Baby and the original Stepford Wives, Melissa was searching for fun, colorful home accessories, that she couldn’t find in any of the minimalist retro-modern furniture store – so she decided to design her own line.

To create the colorful line of Poppycotton home accessories, Melissa scours online auctions and New York markets to find printed textiles that hearken back to an era when homes weren’t afraid of a little pop and color. By fixing up the old textiles and integrating them into new designs, the vintage textiles are able to live a contemporary life, along with the facade of their former one.

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