Every year some of the world’s most creative minds converge on the picturesque seaside town of Camden, Maine for Pop!Tech, the internationally acclaimed conference on technology, society, and the future of ideas. Taking place October 18 – 21, this year’s event promises to be another great one — and you, too, can participate, regardless of geography.

Determined to include everyone in the dialog, Pop!Tech will actually be broadcasting the entire conference live online, making the experience accessible to those of us unable be there in person. Web-viewers will even be able to submit questions in real time.

Over the course of the four day event, more than 30 speakers, performers, iconoclasts and visionaries will explore the provocative theme, “Dangerous Ideas”. One session that we’re anticipating in particular is “GreenShift”, on Thursday from 2:00-4:00pm, featuring Stewart Brand, Lester Brown, Thomas Friedman, and Robert Freling. A full list of the impressive topics and presenters can be found here.

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