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Pigeons and crickets are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently suggested eating more insects will secure our food supply in the future – but could you put a handful of BBQ-flavored mealworms in your mouth? A nine-year-old boy did just that in London recently at a popup “Pestaurant” run by Rentokil – a pest control company – and we’re sorry to report that he promptly lost his lunch.

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The boy told The Independent that the mealworms actually tasted fine, despite being a bit slimy. Other curiosities served at the one-day restaurant include sweet chilli pigeon burgers, and chocolate-dipped ants, and everything was free for anyone bold enough to try. While that might not sound appetizing to western readers more comfortable with livestock and poultry, insects are said to be low in fat and full of important nutrients, and they don’t require large land masses to cultivate.

But that’s not what Rentokil had in mind when they came up with “Pestaurant.” Instead, they simply want to highlight their own good work, keeping UK homes safe.

“The Pestaurant is all about celebrating the hard work that goes into keeping the UK’s pests under control,” David Cross, head of technical training academy at Rentokil, told the paper.

We what to know what kind of pesticides accompanied those pesty treats?

Via The Independent