In the not too distant future almost every automaker is going to electrify their lineups with plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles – but what does that mean for the future of iconic cars like the Porsche 911? Porsche recently previewed a future fully-electric car with the Mission E concept and now the automaker has confirmed that it is working on a hybrid electric powertrain for the 911.

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Porsche already offers hybrid versions of the Cayenne and Panamera models, but this is the first time that we’re hearing reports about a hybrid version of the brand’s iconic sports car. While it was pretty easy for Porsche to develop the plug-in hybrid Cayenne and Panamera models, making a hybrid version of the 911 will be much harder. Speaking at the launch of the 2017 911 Carrera, Porsche’s director of boxer engines, Thomas Wasserbach revealed that it will be a bit harder to make a 911 hybrid, but the automaker is looking into it.

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“The challenge is to get low weight, not too much weight in a sports car. Naturally we want high electric power but we don’t want much batteries because of the high weight. So at the moment we are thinking about what could be the next step to hybrid.”

A 911 hybrid won’t happen until the next-generation model is released, since the current model doesn’t have the capability of holding a battery pack. While it probably isn’t too far away, the 911 hybrid will retain its flat six-cylinder engines, but an electric motor will be added to assist the motor and give the sports car better fuel efficiency. Sadly, one thing that we won’t see happen is a fully-electric 911.

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