Porsche is currently taking a cue from Google and developing their very own system for a self-driving car. Known for their sexy streamlined designs, and a capacity to reach high gear in just seconds of hitting the pedal, we were a little perplexed that the company would want to put half the experience of riding a Porsche in the hands of a robot driver.

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The engineers at Porsche have been working on a new, more advanced, cruise control system, called the ACC InnoDrive that should completely remove the need to even touch the car’s pedals. The concept behind the design is to create a safer more fuel-efficient vehicle that can be “trained” to best manage you most common routes.

As you repeatedly drive the car to your usual hot spots, the car begins tracking and memorizing the journey, making note of the average speeds, curves in the road and any elevation changes. The car then takes this raw data and uses it to create a trip profile that will provide it with all it needs to get you from point A to point B — you do however have to steer the vehicle.

At the moment the system is still in its prototype stages, and is being tested out  in Porsche’s Panamera S.

Via Physorg