A few months ago, Porsche unveiled the Mission E concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time it was expected that the concept was a preview of Porsche’s first ever fully electric car, which would rival the Tesla Model S. Now, Porsche has confirmed our expectations by officially announcing that the Mission E will enter production in the next few years.

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According to Dr. Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board, Porsche is “beginning a new chapter in the history of the sports car.”

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Although the electric car isn’t due until the end of the decade, Porsche has already revealed some of the specs that it hopes to achieve, including a 310 mile driving range. The new electric car will have over 600 horsepower on tap, which will give it an insanely fast 0-62 mph time of under 3.5 seconds and, even with its longer driving range, driver’s won’t have to wait too long to recharge it. An 800-volt charger unit specially developed for the car, which is twice as powerful as today’s quick-charge systems, will recharged the battery up to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. It can also be ‘refueled’ wirelessly by induction via a coil set into the garage floor.

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Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG: “With Mission E, we are making a clear statement about the future of the brand. Even in a greatly changing motoring world, Porsche will maintain its front-row position with this fascinating sports car.”

Porsche has yet to reveal what the electric car will be called and we can only speculate how much it might cost when it arrives, but at least for now we can celebrate that fact that “the first 100% electrically powered Porsche is on its way.”

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