We whet the appetites of sports car enthusiasts everywhere when we first mentioned Porsche’s Spyder 918, but now they can really start salivating because the super fast  hybrid sports car is finally available for pre-order! The Porsche supercar will join the ranks of  the Artega, the Volvo V60 and the Tesla Roadster that have been making waves recently but it won’t be shipping until late 2013. Which gives plenty of time for the very limited potential buyers to save up for the $845,000 price tag!

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Geared toward the racing set to be driven on a track, the mid-mounted V8 guns it with at least 500 horsepower, and both front and rear electric motors have an additional 218 horsepower to boot. Add all wheel drive, and this baby can do 60 MPH in 3.1 seconds. The supercar’s body is made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, which can be recycled, but is not really necessary as CRP is so durable that is provides an almost infinite service lifetime. The hybrid is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, that can be plugged in at home, a commercial station or at the track.

+ Porsche Spyder 918

Via Engadget