This portable new product promises energy on the go – and we don’t mean a Power Bar. Bourne Energy’s Backpack Power Plant is a hydroelectric generator that you can strap on just like a bookbag. It can produce electricity from any pretty much any stream of water, meaning that it’s quite a bit more useful than a Power Bar to boot.

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The BPP is 3 feet long and weighs less than 30 pounds. It is self-contained and holds its own integrated power control, cooling and sensor systems. The generator is quite adaptable, and each unit generates up to 500 watts per unit. Each generator can work by itself, or can be tied to other units to generate up to 30 kW of power, which is pretty good power output for the $3,000 price tag.

No word on the release date yet, but the company claims that it has received significant interest in the product from the military. We can definitely see use for these in disaster relief situations and to bring power to some remote communities.

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