SunCache introduces a powerful portable solar charging system integrated into an innovative custom-designed carrying case. With SunCache, users can easily carry the system anywhere, set it up in seconds and point it at the sun, creating an immediate power source for all electronic gadgets. Devices can charge directly from the sun, store power away in rechargeable batteries for future use, or perform both functions simultaneously! Equipped with a powerful solar panel (available in both 10 and 15 watt sizes), super-efficient power regulation technology, and a flexible power distribution system, SunCache packs an impressive amount of power in a large tablet-sized form factor. “It’s my most flexible solar charging platform to date,” explains Don Cayelli, who has created two previous solar charger iterations. “The combination of charging power, ease of use, and flexible power distribution, makes this an unbelievably handy off-the-grid power accessory for everyone.” Check out the SunCache on Kickstarter project — it’s on fire!

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