This portable water filter from Aquaovo is a fantastic alternative to buying bottled water. The Canada-based team has launched a new campaign to get their new Alter Ego filter system off the ground, and they’re even tying its profits to socially responsible water access charities. As a follow-up to their previous OVOPUR water filter back in 2009, Aquaovo has combined a stylish design with a sustainable concept in order to create an appealing brand.

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With a unique slender form and tinted color, the design distinguishes itself from typical bottle brands. But another great feature is that the filtration system is removable and can also be used separately in other bottles.With this brilliant tried and tested model, Aquaovo hope to encourage people to stop buying bottled water, while also aiming to invest in charity: water and ecofiltro:one, charities that work towards bringing clean water to communities around the world.

Take a look at Aquaovo’s full campaign page on Indiegogo for more information.

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