Scientists at the Faculty of Science and Technology in Lisbon, Portugal have created a new breed of paper battery that can be charged with one of the planet’s most abundant resources – water. The center, also known as CENIMAT, is dedicated to developing new ways to power gadgets and small electronic devices and this water-powered paper battery is their latest innovation.

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Paper batteries are not a new creation — many scientists are working on creating transistors out of the material — but CENIMAT has taken the concept a step further with a battery that gets its energy from water through hydrogen and oxygen electrolysis.

The battery can also absorb water vapors from the atmosphere. Apparently if the air has just 40 percent humidity, it is enough for the battery to recharge itself. The faculty’s scientists hope that the technology will benefit in the production of tablets, mobile phones and medical devices.

You can watch a video of the technology in action here, but it helps if you understand Portuguese.

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Via Exame Informatica via Engadget