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Vaulted Cork Pavilion, AMORIM Isolamentos, Pedro de Azambuja Varela, Maria João de Oliveira, Emmanuel Novo, FAUPorto, Concreta 2013 Porto, Porto expo, cork pavilion, cork, natural building materials, recyclable materials

Students Pedro de Azambuja Varela, Maria João de Oliveira and Emmanuel Novo were sponsored by Amorim Isolamentos Lda. while taking the Digital Architecture Advanced Studies Course (CEAAD), a joint program between ISCTE-Lisboa and FAUPorto. The project sought to create vaulted structures from cork that could be acoustically optimized. The structure is shaped to create a continuous bench for visitors to rest on.

The look of the final design was inspired by the material characteristics of cork. Individual blocks were CNC cut at the VFABLAB and assembled on site. The floor and walls are smooth and soft, and they create a small interior that isolates the visitor from the noisy environment of the exhibition.

+ Concreta 2013

+ Pedro de Azambuja Varela

Photos by Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography