In a post-apocalyptic world a walking ship might appear commonplace – but for now, Jason Alleman’s LEGO ship is a unique marvel. Alleman’s steampunk-esque ship is modeled on Theo Jansen’s gigantic wind-powered walking sculptures, and it moves like a creepy – and fast – spider.

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Alleman calls his walking machine the Amagosa. Using the LEGO power function system, he has constructed a walking frame for his trading ship, which fully supports the structure of the ship and walks using a LEGO remote control and two motors. There’s a set of four legs for each side of the ship, each of which is independently powered by a LEGO motor, allowing the ship to turn and to walk forward or in reverse.

The ship itself includes a cabin for the captain with a removable roof to access the interior, a ladder that can be lowered to board the ship, and a working crane. The crane is even segmented to give it a great range of motion, and it can rotate and slide along its base. If that weren’t enough, Alleman has also made the design of the walking base available online, so other eager LEGO fans can utilize the design for their own creations. We’re sure that we’ll see some impressive uses of the design in the future, and we’re looking forward to what Alleman comes up with next.

+ Jason Alleman’s Flickr

Via Gizmodo