With a design which would easily fit in a 1970’s Stanley Kubrick film, Postfossil‘s award winning First Light reading lamp is certainly cinematic. Powered entirely by a cog and wheel mechanism, the light remains lit once ‘wound’ by pulling the weighted cord. While the illumination relies on a relatively continuous input from the user, Postfossil’s Anna Blattert and Daniel Gafner have found a way to remind us of our energy consumption though the tried and tested method of action and reward.

In a world of micro-chips and seamless digital interfaces, there’s a particular magic to watching small scale mechanics at work. Like all of Postfossil’s work, First Light pulls at the strings of imagination and challenges the way we interact with the products around us. Could our future dwellings be filled with mechanical products whirring and clicking away like the interior of a swiss cuckoo-clock? We may just have to wait and see what Postfossil does next.

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