Despite the 90 degree weather, 100% humidity and interesting “acoustic issues” we encountered while holed in the tiny concrete (un-air-conditioned) Storefront gallery space for 5 days, the Postopolis event was amazing. So much so that I have to say that people who weren’t able to attend really missed out on something special. Where else would you ever have the chance to chat with Lebbeus Woods, Lot-ek, Stanley Greenberg, Michael Bierut, Terreform, and your favorite architecture bloggers — all while drinking beer in a modern concrete sweat-lodge in the middle of New York City? Fortunately for all of you who missed it we’ve got videos of each talk, lots of insightful recaps, online discussion, and countless photos, so you can enjoy all the inspiration and intensity of Postopolis from the comfort of your own air-conditioned home…

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Dan Hill’s amazingly in-depth coverage of the whole event >
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Inhabitat Sustainable Design Panel at Postopolis, Graham Hill, Susan Szenasy, Allan Chochinov, Postopolis, Jill Fehrenbacher
My panel on sustainable design with Susan Szenasy of Metropolis Magazine, Allan Chochinov of Core77, and Graham Hill of Treehugger

Please pardon the poor sound quality – we have a more audible version of this coming soon!

Terreform's Mitchell JoachimTerreform’s Mitchel Joachim presents his brilliant ecological architecture….

Terreform Soft Cars..including soft cars that look like sheep and the always popular Fab-Tree-Hab

Lebbeus woods presents
Lebbeus Woods talks about his dystopian fantasy architecture

LOL Lot-ek from Pruned
Lot-ek gots NU LIBRARY for you (from the brilliant folks at Pruned)

Lot-ek’s Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano gave a dynamic call-and-reponse presentation of their always provocative work (better video coming soon)

Joseph Grima - LOL Photo from Pruned
LOL Joseph Grima Photo (from Pruned)

Paul Seletsky, SOM, AIAHead of SOM’s Digital Design Program, Paul Seletsky talks about the future of digital design

Scott Marble of Marble FairbanksArchitect Scott Marble talks about digital fabrication

Mattew Clark of ArupMatthew Clark of Ove Arup talks about ‘Plug-In Sustainability”

The LivingDavid Benjamin & Soo-in Yang of The Living talk about their innovative architecture solutions to environmental problems like pollution

The Living Presentation by David Benjamin & Soo-in Yang

Design Observer panelTom Vanderbilt, Michael Bierut and William Drenttel discuss Design Observer

Stamen Design models San Francisco taxi cab flowKevin Slavin discusses his project of mapping taxicabs on the move in San Francisco

Laura Kurgan, Postopolis
Laura Kurgan talks about her work

Archinector panelArchinectors discuss archinect

Archibloggers - George Agnew of Architecture of FearArchitect blogger George Agnew discusses the new medium’s impact on the world of architecture.

I was blown away by the energy and talent of my insanely productive and prolific fellow archi-bloggers Dan Hill, Bryan Finoki and Geoff Manaugh (all of whom seem to be much quicker on the draw at getting their Postopolis coverage up than me. Do they not sleep?) A big big thanks to Joseph Grima, the director of Storefront, and an unstoppable whirlwind of big ideas and positive energy. I’m super impressed and grateful at the way he took an unusual exhibition idea and gradually shaped it into a dynamic, vibrant and groundbreaking event. Kudos to the Postopolis team. Looking forward to Postopolis 2008!

All postopolis videos >
Postopolis! Flickr feed >
Dan Hill’s amazingly in-depth coverage of the whole event >
Archinect coverage >