A mysterious sheen on the Gulf of Mexico is making waves, with all eyes focusing in on BP as the culprit. Floating near the Green Canyon Block of the Gulf of Mexico, the potential spill is suspiciously close to BP’s Macondo well, which ruptured last year. Although denying they are the cause, BP has sent in boats and mini submarines to investigate the supposedly sealed well.

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According to BP spokesman Daren Beaudo, a BP mini-sub explored the area around the well over the weekend, finding all to appear to be operating safely. Others aren’t so sure. Stuart Berman, an environmental defense lawyer, claims that sources have told him that BP has actually employed 40 boats to monitor the waters near the site, not the few mini-subs it reported. The sources also speculated that this leakage could be caused by the work that BP did to repair Macondo.  But that’s not all, the leakage could be seeping through cracks on the seafloor, meaning if this is true, they could be completely unfixable. Not good.

BP is still investigating the source and the severity of the mystery sheen, and claims it has already dissipated. The company’s findings have drastically differed from the Coast Guard’s National Response Center, which claimed that a leakage was found.  Oil sheens are not uncommon in the Gulf, and are not necessarily the result of an oil well leak.

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Images ©NOAA’s National Ocean Service