Portable green power sources are steadily gaining momentum as alternative energy tech gears up to help shoulder the strain of our overloaded energy grids. This recently released generator, dubbed the PowerCube 6000, shows plenty of potential as an all-inclusive clean energy system. Whether you’re greening your home’s energy sources, preparing for an emergency, or opening up a Black Rock smoothie stand, the PowerCube offers an enticing (if expensive) way to break free from the grid.

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True story: as I was drafting this post, my computer ground to a halt. As did the refrigerator, the lights, and my entire San Francisco city block. All irony aside, the experience was a grounding realization of how tenuous our energy grid can be.

Hence the draw of the PowerCube – it’s a totally self-contained power source that is heat, noise, and emission free. The burly cube costs $25,000 and boasts three 200 watt solar panels, 3500 watts of continuous inverter output, and 2400 amp hours of battery storage. Sealed in a watertight casing, the PowerCube is as plug and play as solar systems get, requiring just four steps to set up. Unfortunately, one of those steps requires a forklift, as the unit is fairly massive. Still, it’s a solid option for those able to shoulder its cost and heft. Plus, multiple cubes can be daisy linked together for… EVEN MORE POWER!

Via cleantechnica.com