Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge your gadgets while waiting for the bus or relaxing on a bench? Magdalena Czapiewska, Karol Murlak and Zuzanna Lemieszek of Design lab, have taken this thought and turned it into a real life concept with their solar charging bench, Poznan. Built sturdy and practical, the modern bench will even heat your bottom on those especially brisk days!

The electricity generated by the Poznan can be used to charge your mobile phone or laptop, and even boasts a wi-fi modem and a loudspeaker so individuals can share their favorite music with friends. The seat is also heated for cold and wet days, keeping the bench dry and warm. No power is wasted, and any excess is transmitted to the municipal grid.

The futuristic design was the winning entry of a competition organized by the Polish city of Poznań, and it recently made its debut at the Milan Furniture Fair.

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