We live in a world where pre-packaged items have begun blur the lines between what is natural and what is not. So why should our outdoor gardens be any different? Taking note of the lack of green spaces in many large contemporary cities, the designers at Luzinterruptus have come up with a tongue-in-cheek vertical garden that will turn concrete urban sprawl into a glowing green “garden.”

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Luzinterrutus’ Packaged Vertical Garden takes 110 transparent food containers, and packs them with leaves, branches and a lighting source. The containers can then be easily transported and installed on any wall in the form a fashionable new vertical garden.

With these installations, Luzinterruptus seeks to promote the preservation of expansive urban greenery. While vertical gardens can be stunning decorative ways to revive the aesthetic of an area, they are ultimately inaccessible and fail to engage an individual beyond visual senses. The Packaged Vertical Garden presses us to demand more from the urban environment in the form of natural space for play and relaxation, rather than something that is simply nice to look at.

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