What makes the Prebuilt different from other prefabs? For one thing, it’s truly affordable. The four design variations range from $43,000 to $109,000USD, the more costly of which gets you a two-story, three-bedroom home. Not bad. For another thing, the house can be folded up and transported on a single standard truck, and constructed in a matter of days, including interior installations and fixtures.

The Prebuilt has a galvanized steel frame with a choice of several claddings and window treatments. The entire structure can be elevated to accomodate site conditions, and can be folded up and relocated quickly and easily.

Among other attributes, Prebuilt claims to be “eco-sensitive,” though it’s unclear what exactly earns them this label. Simply utilizing off-site construction seems to have many manufacturers championing themselves as environmentalists, when there’s been minimal consideration put towards materials and energy consumption. In terms of price, however, the company certainly has an appealing edge among its kin, and it’s not bad looking, either – especially inside! (see below).

+ www.prebuilt.com.au

Thanks, Justin!