Readers, we’d like to introduce you to BOB. BOB is a mobile home unlike any other – a dwelling that is bound to be spectacular, because Andrew Maynard is the creator and designer (and you know how we love his work), along with Soren Luckins of Buro North. The Australian duo has taken mobile living to the next level, with an unfoldable mobile unit that triples its floorspace when you park and open it out.

Maynard and Luckins characterize BOB as “a hybrid home of the future, a mobile living tool for tomorrows generation of nomadic wanderers. Somewhere between a tent, a house and a Winnebago, BOB explores the relationship between the basic human requirements of travel and shelter.”

Here’s what I want to know — what kind of fuel does BOB run on? They call BOB a “hybrid,” but I think this refers to the hybridity of vehicle and home. I would like to see BOB drink up some biodiesel, or some ethanol, or incorporate electric-style hybridity. Then BOB would be the perfect mate.

+ meet BOB.