Thinking inside of the box may become the newest trend for creative thinkers thanks to this new 12-unit office and studio building called the “Box Office.” Constructed of 32 shipping containers, the building is meant to be a working haven for companies and individuals looking for a cheerful, comfortable, and eco-friendly place to think. Joe Haskett, the principal at Distill Studio, designed the building to ensure that it would provide a well-insulated and environmentally sensitive environment for its future occupants, which among other features includes high-performing windows and doors and an efficient HVAC system. The project is developed by Truth Box Inc. and recently broke ground this week in Providence, R.I.

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We have always been big supporters of shipping container design because it uses currently abandoned and structurally sound materials for building. We have seen our ample share of shipping container homes, but we find this development (and other public architecture projects that use shipping containers) particularly green and affordable as shared space has the intrinsic benefit of conserving resources through co-existence.

This development achieves environmental consciousness in a variety of ways,  including the use of over 90 tons of upcycled steel via the use of shipping containers, bioswales “rain gardens” located on the property, and the use of non-petroleum based insulation and low-VOC interior finishes.

An interesting invention of the developers is also the lease, which will encourage lease holders to conserve energy. Spaces in the building range from 640 square feet to 2,560 square feet and prices from just below $12,000/year and just above $20,000/year. We took a peek at the progress of the leasing on the building on Thursday night and we were excited to see that four offices of this exemplary office building have already been leased!

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