The more important it becomes to incorporate environmental sustainability into building design, the more we see architecture sharing a seat with the natural sciences. Monitoring weather patterns, UV radiation levels, temperature variances, precipitation, and other climatic conditions factors heavily into the development of a truly sustainable dwelling.

Which is why we’re captivated by the cargo container houses from Eco-Tech Design. We’re not pretending that cargo shelters haven’t already had their time in the limelight, but designer Walter Scott Perry isn’t messing around. On top of his own home in the Hollywood Hills, he’s got a weather station that offers the highest elevation meteorological report in the region. And out in Joshua Tree, he’s got several models of cargo container architecure under close watch for compatibility with the arid, harsh environment.

Scott’s design practice, EcoTech, is “dedicated to the principles of environmental sustainability by exploring the use of low cost materials and available technologies that can be easily plugged into existing residential and commercial structures.” He focuses on home designs that show people how to use solar energy, and to use technology in ways that are creative, sustainable, and visually appealing.

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