From the Austrian countryside, the hills are alive, with the sound of…. prefab! Salzburg-based Espace Mobile has recently debuted their very eye-catching, very affordable prefabricated line of customizable homes, ranging from €55,000 to €95,000. The concept behind Espace is the individual “at home” in a natural environment, designed for modular customization with the best materials for long lifetimes and flexibility.

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The Espace home is as customizable as your next automobile purchase, allowing you to pick and choose from a variety of features- everything from size and configuration to roofing, balcony, and interior material options. The structure is also optimized for energy conservation and heat retention (and comes with a 3-year warranty!). Sizes are a standard 4 meters wide, ranging from 7 to 15 meters long. Now if only we owned an acre or two in the uber-green Austrian countryside! + Espace Mobile

Via JetsonGreen