We love covering prefab homes here on Inhabitat because we think prefab is an amazingly efficient, promising and innovative way of building houses, and we find this especially true with these Hangar Prefabs from Hangar Design Group. The streamlined and contemporary design makes us believe that our lives could be just that simple and organized, if only we lived in one of these prefabs. Designed by Juan and Sara Matiz, who now live in New York City, but are Colombian and Italian respectively, these three stylish prefab homes can fit just about anyone’s tastes.

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When it comes to designing a building the Matiz team is focused on flexibility, design, care, research materials and attention to ecology. Their three prefab designs are designed to fit in a variety of surroundings, from the mountains to the beach, suburb, or even an infill city lot. Constructed from wood and metal paneling, the houses all have various configurations with one or two bedrooms, kitchen and living space.

The Joshua Tree has a high pitched roof that can withstand snow loads in the mountains and has wood paneling for a slightly more rustic feel. Large Velux skylights on the roof allow daylight to stream into the rooms below. The Icaro Bay has a more Mediterranean feel to it and would be perfect for the Greek Islands or Italian coastline. With a flat roof and large windows, the structure has plastered white walls and a blue and white interior color scheme. And finally, the Suite House is a one-bedroom prefab with a roomy living space and floor to ceiling windows. This one would work nicely as a guest house or a private beach bungalow for someone who only needs just enough space.

As far as the sustainable elements, our Italian isn’t fluent enough to discern that from their website, but as with all prefabs, the production efficiency that stems from their controlled manufacturing makes it greener than traditional homes. Not to mention their small size, due to European influence, minimizes their environmental impact and footprint. And even if you can’t read Italian like us, we highly recommend checking out their website because design wise it is definitely worth salivating over.

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