Our highly scientific reader survey revealed that you want to see more flying houses! So here you go – and as a bonus, we’ll throw in some heavy machinery. It is this very image of prefab that many of us dream about: a modern, elegant, minimal space, gliding through the air, gently touching down where there was once only a blank lot o’ dreams. The delivery guys plug in a few hoses, collect a signature, and drive away with a smile – just like the guys who delivered your washing machine.

In alignment with that dream, Espaciao Minga and the design firm of F3 Arquitectos have developed this compelling prototype known as the Minga. We’re a little rusty on our indigenous Chilean languages, but word on the street is that “Minga” means something along the lines of “an act done by a community for the benefit of a single family”.

minga, inhabitat, f3, prefab

The Minga is available in seven configurations to meet the needs of business, institutional, and residential clients. The construction process occurs over 30 days in assembly line fashion – and with an adequately prepared site, it can be installed in one day. Although there is no specific mention of sustainable materials, this prototype exploits the most efficient production methods through factory assembly, and several photos have shown that installation of the Minga keeps damage to the site at a minimum.

We were captivated by two other F3 Arquitectos projects, as compact, yet creative structures. For a less-is-more religious experience, check out the Capilla Fuente Nueva. And for the stargazing Bucky-fanatic in all of us, see the Ecodomos for the eco-friendly vacation getaway Elqui Domos in Chile.

+ F3 Arquitectos’ Minga