We checked in on the green rebuilding efforts in Greensburg, Kansas when Planet Green’s docu-series premiered last month. We found plenty of interesting developments, but this prefab from Studio804 of the University of Kansas School of Architecture is definitely one of the most memorable. Built as the community art center, this innovative building uses modular design with the length of long truck trailers as the defining width component measure – an outside the box thinking that makes larger prefab buildings possible.

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Studio804 has a bevy of successful and sustainable prefabs in their portfolio, and the Greensburg community art center continues this trend with added dimensions. The center is designed to serve the community in a variety of needs as a versatile building. Studio804 explains the approach, “The diversity in program for the sustainable prototype is due to the nature of the community‚Äôs circumstances; without the infrastructure to support a true commercial space, and lacking the population to support a downtown residence, functionality and adaptability of space within our project became essential.”

The structure uses a combination of active and passive energy systems including cross ventilation, water reclamation and passive solar design. Innovative features like retractable shading awnings complement an overall energy efficient program that combines solar, wind and geothermal energy.

The design, construction, transport and building process of the arts center for Greensburg is documented in a 4-part video, photos and project journal, all available online at The University of Kansas website.

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