We have been fans of Canadian architect Carsten Jensen since the inception of his British Columbia-based company Jenesys, which specializes in environmentally responsible buildings. We were completely impressed with the flatpack E-cube design that Jenesys created as a modular kit with extreme energy efficiency. Jenesys now has a new prefab out that is also getting rave reviews. His newest design, Wings, is one Jensen calls “kind of a sexy design,” and we tend to agree. With all of the energy-efficiency of its predecessor, Wings is taking off in great prefab form.

The Wings prefab home system offers twice the energy efficiency of a conventionally built house. Its standard shell features include superinsulated walls, roofing and flooring systems. Energy Star windows, passive solar heat gain and exterior sun screens help control energy loads, while cross ventilation brings natural cooling.

The architect recommends clients choose finish features including green roof, rainwater harvesting in underground tanks and bamboo and cork flooring, as well as water-conserving fixtures. In all his prefabricated projects across Canada, Jensen uses environmentally sustainable products extensively. We are certainly glad to see his prefab design collection growing and can’t wait to see what comes next from Jenesys.

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