Karim Rashid’s Kit24 house was revealed several weeks ago at Toronto’s 2006 Interior Design Show. When we last wrote about Kit24, we could only gaze at the candy-coated renderings and dream of how the project might manifest itself in its final form. Well, it appears Rashid made good on the promises of his imagery and didn’t let reality water down his vision. Looking like the perfect love shack for Barbie and Austin Powers, this 1800 sq-ft, eye-popping prototype has drawn lines of gawkers and more than a few critics.

Our likeminded fellow bloggers over atTreehugger actually got to visit Rashid’s version of domicile bliss and they were kind enough to post plans for the house (which appear to be taken from a text book on single-celled organisms). More photographs of this super-mod prefab project are available at the Italian Charms online magazine EuropaConcorsi.