Dublin-based industrial designer Richard Barnwall has mastered the concept of temporary container shelter in Linx – an integrated, two-story structure that maximizes use of small spaces. Using 20-foot shipping containers, Barnwall’s idea provides functional shelter for workers on a construction site offering all the amenities needed to give workers a comfortable place for pause.

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Often this type of container reuse is challenged by how to handle egress, and, usually, passages are external to the building. Barnwall’s design builds in an access module that allows entry to all spaces, including the roof, and provides storage for mechanical systems.

Office work space, kitchen, dining area, showers, and toilets are all given ample room in the modular cabins. Sliding panels provide light and ventilation throughout. Even though designed as an accessory building for work sites, it’s easy to imagine the Linx’s layout reconfigured for permanent housing – rooftop garden anyone?