Modular design shines in Loq•kit – an innovative, interchangeable idea of home from architect Patrick Freet. This proposed building system utilizes snap-lock components to create walls, infill, and envelope that are adaptable and affordable. Intended for easy assembly that can be customized and changed, Loq•kit technology makes building and remodeling a snap, literally!

Loq•kit is designed to reduce assembly complexity and time while enabling beautiful, unique living space. Standardized components allow for reuse and endless personalized layout possibilities. The modular elements can be reconfigured to accommodate changing needs with ease. Instead of wood, nails, screws, and glue, Loq•kit uses prefabricated plastic and metal parts that offer flexibility and integrated systems. This allows homeowners to create usable space and upgrade without waste or huge renovation costs.

A highlight of this building system is a “plug and play” photovoltaic panel array. An integrated mechanical and electrical scheme means that a potential upgrade to solar is built in to the structure. Roof panel options are opaque, translucent, or solar. When the solar option is in the budget, owners can simply replace a roof panel and capture renewable energy.

Loq•kit won 2nd place in a recent C2C Home Competition, and although the concept is still in development, the designer has launched a detailed website to open dialogue and bring this innovative idea into the public awareness.

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