Michelle Kaufmann’s prefab home designs have become a perpetual favorite at Inhabitat. Her latest, the mkSolaire, is no exception. Depending on where you live, there are a variety of alternatives for greening your new mkSolaire and with our GB101 Series as a guide, you can work your way through the various options available to you including (but not limited to): green roofs, efficient use of daylighting, geothermal system, wind generator system, and other hybrids. Stand-alone or duplex, 2 stories or 3, garage or carport, the mkSolaire home offers more options than all of Michelle’s previous designs and is eco-friendly inside and out, providing healthy living for city dwellers.

Eco-friendly materials, systems, and construction are easy to control when you own the factory, and that is the case with MkDesigns. Efficiency also increases, giving mkDesigns the ability to create a uniquely designed mkSolaire house from start to finish within 8-14 months. Their easy 6-step process allows the client to more accurately predict pricing of their final custom mkSolaire much earlier than other custom homes, and the turnaround of the product keeps prices within the range of the prediction, which otherwise can be influenced over time by the economy.

mkSoliare Process

Standard green aspects of the mkSolaire include Icynene insulation, high-performance mini-duct/hi-velocity mechanical system, bamboo or reclaimed wood flooring, countertops containing recycled paper, recycled glass tile, on-demand water heaters, and water-saving dual-flush toilets. The mkSolaire projects already underway are costing roughly $200 to $250 per square foot including all costs after permits. While the total cost will vary due to location and the actual design, mkDesigns will do their best to provide you with an energy-efficient, sustainable home that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget.

Check in this weekend for an interview with Michelle Kaufmann direct from West Coast Green.

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