Wannabe Eskimos looking for an updated version of the familiar ice dome will feel at home in the Igloo Satellite Cabin, a pre-fabricated remote shelter designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures, high winds, ice and snow. Icewall One, the Australia-based manufacturer designed these shelters to offer transport-able accommodations for remote areas, from the poles to the tropics. Originally designed for exploration and research stations, the Igloo Satellite Cabin has also become an attractive alternative for eco-tourism.

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Constructed of lightweight fiberglass, the pre-fabricated and insulated modular igloo structure is easily transported via boat, truck, helicopter and even snowmobile. The 3-meter diameter (2.1 m high) unit consists of 8 molded wall panels with 4 self-supporting floor panels. The walls, which are composed of fiberglass and polyurethane insulation have a R-value of a little over  R-5, which isn’t super impressive for a house, but considering it is a remote and lightweight structure, isn’t bad either. The windows are double-glazed polycarbonate panes and are shockproof.

The igloos can be easily tied down to stakes or bolted onto a foundation. To create an expanded dwelling, the igloos can also be modified with sets of extension panels or interlinked by tunnels.  Each unit has ventilation in the door and top and can be painted in a wide range of colors. The little units make for practical and sturdy shelters that withstand super harsh conditions and move easily.

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