The only thing better than a quaint mountain retreat is a quaint PREFAB mountain retreat. And here it is, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1800 square foot stunner designed by architects Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz of Resolution: 4 Architecture. Set on the loveliest of lovely sites in Kerhonkson, New York, the prefab structure integrates what the architects describe as “lifted bar and 2-story bar” components to create a 2-story indoor/outdoor lofty, loungy space perfectly enhanced by modern furniture and summer dinner party. The owner, who “wanted something modern that had warmth and was organic in its environment,” seems to have met these goals, integrating a modern aesthetic and a long list of green components.

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The finished house sits partially on concrete stilts, which provide drama and function, housing a carport underneath. Inside, the trapezoidal windows frame the main “great room” while a butterfly roof channels rainwater. Floors throughout the house are bamboo, and large glass curtain walls act as sliding/French doors to allow for maximum natural ventilation. All this for $200/square foot, which, within the prefab market, ain’t half bad.

Resolution: 4 Architecture has quite the list of impressive projects, from their Modular BirdHouses to their Dwell House.

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