It’s wonderful to see the popularity of prefabricated architecture spreading everywhere, from urban metropolises to pastoral rural settings. resPOD, a conceptual prefab design by Matthew Grace Architecture who is based in Australia, is a flexible form of housing with several different eco-friendly features including passive solar design and a greywater system. Constructed from shipping containers, the homes would be retro-fitted in a factory for quick and energy-efficient production, offering prospective homeowners a greener option when it comes to purchasing a home.

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The homes come with a choice of two facades: timber or corrugated iron. Both materials provide a uniform and modern look. Clean lines and an abundance of windows also makes the design feel contemporary. These details, however, have also been combined with eco-friendly building practices such as double-glazing on the windows and even a ceramic-based paint additive that minimizes excessive heat load on the house’s steel frame (the shipping containers).

resPOD comes in four different sizes ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms so that they can meet the needs of several types of interested homeowners. They can be adapted to be used as emergency housing, a weekend retreat, or a primary residence.

Additionally, resPODs can be adapted and upgraded so that they can operate independent power, sewage, septic, and water lines. The house would include a way to harness solar-generated electricity, an on-site septic system, a greywater system, and gas-boosted solar heated water.