Architect and officially-dubbed Lord, Richard Rogers is making headway on his Oxley Park prefab “Flexi-Houses” in the UK. Rogers’ homes are nearing completion, and we’re here to bring you the updates and specs on the green multi-unit residential development. The homes’ most innovative feature is the “EcoHat,” a roofing system that allows hot air to rise and consequently be reused to provide passive solar water heating, thereby mitigating the energy consumption of the house. Clever floorplans optimize natural lighting schemes, while prefab modules and flat-pack components reduce waste and energy (these factors, when combined with the EcoHat, represent up to a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions).

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Oxley Park, when completed, will consist of a total of 145 units, each of which highly flexible and adaptable to changing inhabitants, tastes, or space requirements. Fifty-six of these units will be designed to meet the £60,000 target set by English Partnerships, following a design competition called Design For Manufacture. The new £60,000 homes follow the government initiative for affordable houses with better design, flexibility increased construction efficiency and delivery.

The homes also represent a more holistic community design, with the units in close proximity to both each other and existing urban infrastructure, creating walkable neighborhoods and minimizing car dependency.

+ Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Via Treehugger and Urbanity

All photos courtesy of Grant Smith via Urbanity