Utilizing the flat-pack techniques of IKEA and the massive container ships that have brought Wal-Mart total domestic dominance, Vestal Designs is taking advantage of international shipping dimensions with the S.H.R.I.M.P. house. The “Sustainable Housing for Refugees via Mass Production” project allows four expandable homes that can house 4 people each, to be packed into a single shipping container. A container ship carrying 6400 of these containers could potentially house over 100,000 victims of natural or man made disasters. And this SHRIMP floats!

The SHRIMP comes equipped with pontoons and pressurized air canisters that will allow for port-less deployment, as well as distribution to flooded or rural areas where roads may not be an option. The design is made to accommodate varied local conditions: a water distillery on the roof provides drinking water if necessary, while the wooden interior makes it easily modifiable to hand tools that are common the world over.

Always aware of space constraints and the need for flexibility, Vestal Design also developed the Double Space Kitchenette for compact living.

Thanks Aaron!