We’ve talked a few times about urban bioremediation projects, in which trees and plants are used as tools to clean contaminated land. This kind of renewal not only spares the use of invasive reconstruction, it makes the process of cleaning as beautiful and enjoyable as the final outcome.

Danish firm Studio Force4 has a development plan that brings bioremediation, compact living and prefab construction together to create a forested urban oasis. The Boase Concept will establish a forest in the city, choosing trees specifically for their ability to clean polluted soil. With residential units positioned above the trees, residents will have the benefit of dense green space situated in the middle of the city.

The Force4 prefab units have been “industrially optimized” to suit inhabitants the way a piece of furniture suits a human body, with parts that flex and adapt. Built-in appliances and utilities, curved walls, and heated floors make the inner space efficient and cozy. The Boase concept places great emphasis on the interplay of private space and community areas, so they’ve designed spaces that can open and close to accomodate social dynamics. Additionally, a dedicated community room invites residents to enjoy shared space, in an area enclosed by an “intelligent, self-regulating solar membrane” that responds to outdoor conditions to maintain natural ventilation and adequate shade.

Mimicking the growth pattern of the forest itself, Force4 doesn’t have a calculated plan for the growth of their development. Its establishment depends on the speed of remediation, the rate of plant growth, and the conditions of the surrounding urban areas. The very acknowledgement of interdependent factors in development is one of the more unique and appealing aspect of Force4’s approach. From the ground up, their concept sets out to rethink old standards of urban habitation, renew what’s been neglected, and reunite city dwellers with the rhythms of a wilder setting.

+ www.force4.dk

Thanks, Dustin!