While not totally prefabricated, the Manifesto House by Infiniski utilizes pre-made materials like shipping containers and wooden pallets to create a totally rad modern house. Infiniski’s mission is to build homes cheaply and quickly using sustainable materials while incorporating renewable energy systems. They have many designs already available, which can be interchanged and easily modified.

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Built in Curacavi, Chile, for a grand total of 79,000€, the modest home is composed of two 40′ shipping containers and two 20′ containers. The use of wooden pallets on the exterior of the home gives it fantastic texture, but also has purpose — they provide shade and allow the home to be naturally cooled, since air can move freely between the slats. The containers meanwhile, are completely weather tight and provide the necessary structural capacity for the home.

Inside the home is airy and open due to a large living space on the bottom floor created by the placement of the containers. What seems like inexpensive storefront windows are used as the walls, which can be slid open to naturally ventilate the home. There is also a folding screen to create a covered outdoor porch or shade the interior from the sun when folded down. Geothermal heat pumps also help provide heating and cooling. The architects at James&Mau are also the founders of Infiniski, so the designs are not only design-worthy, but practical in terms of build-out.

Via ArchDaily

Photos by Antonio Corcuera