Michelle Kaufmann Designs has released another great prefab home, the Side Breeze. Fundamentally similar to the Sunset Breezehouse, the Side Breeze is slightly larger at 2,500 square feet and was developed to respond to different types of sites, such as sloped or narrow lots.

We love the concepts that Kaufmann uses for these “package” homes: flexible plans, incorporation of landscape through courtyards and interior spaces, and of course, offsite construction. True to their commitment to design outdoor spaces as well as indoor spaces, the Side Breeze design incorporates a garage or studio space volume which defines the courtyard while providing a potential roof deck.

The plan can be configured with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, so there is ultimate flexibility for the Side Breeze to fit your particular needs. Additionally, Michelle Kaufmann Designs works with buyers to evaluate how the home can be best adapted to take advantage of location, views, solar orientation, functional relationships, and the budget that you happen to be working with (typical costs for past Breezehouses have run around $200-$250 per sq-ft.)

If neither the Side Breeze nor the Breezehouse offer enough flexibility for your personal housing needs, MKD also designs custom projects that utilize modular components and off-site construction.