Set against the rocky forms of the L’Ardévaz mountains, the Zufferey House both complements and contrasts its surroundings with a poised position that makes it appear like a rock teetering slightly off-balance or a box-y UFO about to take off. With a structural form that can certainly be considered an architectural novelty, the home — designed by Nunatak Sàrl Architectes — grabbed our attention when we noticed its incorporation of eco-friendly building techniques including a prefabricated wood frame and passive heating.

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With a textured black exterior designed to resemble a stone, the interior proves to be cozy and contemporary. The home’s construction around a prefabricated wood frame is complemented with white walls and gray concrete flooring. The home’s concrete floor also provides heat for the home. The home also utilizes the principles of solar orientation as the home’s outdoor living spaces, including a terrace and garden are located on the east and south sides to shelter the residents from western winds and hot summer temperatures.

+ Nunatak Sàrl Architectes

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Photos courtesy of Dominique MarcWehrli