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This is the first time that Romania will compete in the Solar Decathlon competition, so it’s exciting that they were bold enough to go for a low-impact approach. Their building materials consist of engineered wood with the same strength as regular timber, along with some regular timber and steel. This allows them to keep both their environmental footprint and costs to a minimum.

To further increase efficiency, all of the technical infrastructure such as the HVAC systems and the energy converters are all lumped together in one technical room. In Romania it produces 9501kWh/yr and consumes 7508.11kWh/yr – about 20% more than it needs. The prototype cost €120,000 to build, but in time the team hopes that their prefabricated home will sell for €70,000. A hybrid space that blurs the boundary between indoors and outdoors, PRISPA makes technology less intimidating for those who enjoy the simple life.


images via Cosmin Dragomir