With prefab housing garnering a lot of attention from the press lately, some people are beginning to cry “fad.” Archinect’s Mason White has written a great post on the burgeoning hype-bubble surrounding Prefab:

Thanks to our friend Lloyd Alter, the man behind Royal Homes Modern, and Treehugger’s resident Prefab guru, we were excited to discover that London is gearing up for its very own exhibition on Prefab, called Prefabulous London. Put on by NLA (New London Architecture), it will run from January 26 to March 18. The A to Z of modern city homes will explain how the latest house types can answer the need for new homes in the capital. Starting with “A for Affordability” through “M for Modular” to “Z for Zero defects” the exhibition will highlight the issues which are setting the London housing agenda. The NLA website is a little sparse on information, so if anyone knows more about this exhibition, we’d love to hear it!