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Treehouse Riga, Appleton Domingos, lisbon, modular housing, prefab housing, small space living, compact home

Treehouse is a prefab housing system developed to provide flexible and efficient living. Built entirely from wood, Treehouse is based on sustainability and modularity. As families needs grow over time, so can their houses by adding additional modules, in the same way as the new branches of a tree. The homes are designed for both families looking for compact and affordable residences as well as for vacation homes or cabins. Materials are chosen for their sustainability, affordability and comfort.

Appleton & Domingos’ latest project, Treehouse Riga, is a 40 sq m (430 sq ft), two bedroom, one bath home. One module is public and holds the kitchen and living area, while the other houses the two bedrooms and shared bath. A sliding door in the center can separate the private from the public areas and two decks increase the living space outside. Carefully placed glazing allows for views and natural daylight.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra