The prefabricated revolution that has hit NYC is continuing with the current construction of Broadway Stack by GLUCK+ (formerly Peter Gluck & Partners). Brought to New York City by developers Jeffrey Brown and Kimberly Frank, the 38,000 square foot volume will be one of the city’s first prefabricated steel and concrete residential buildings. When complete, Broadway Stack will bring the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan a new example of sustainable construction.

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Images courtesy of GLUCK+

The Broadway Stack will bring 28 moderate-income prefab apartments to Manhattan and about 4,000 square feet of commercial space will take up the ground floor of the site. This seven story building will be erected in only four weeks after the delivery of the modules from the factory in Pennsylvania. The exteriors and interiors of these fifty-six prefabricated modules will then be finished over the next three months. Viewing of the assembly will be available during the week of April 15th.

The prefabrication of more buildings in New York City means that the building industry will continue to become more efficient and produce quality products. The result (hopefully) will be that New York City’s construction will become cleaner, quicker, and smarter. Financing schedules for developers will also become much shorter and otherwise undesirable sites can be developed.


Via ArchDaily