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The Drew House was also restricted by serious bush fire requirements, so Laws chose to “build the pods using a simple steel and plantation timber frame with low density cement sheet walling and steel roofing,” he told us in an email. The interior flooring, decks, and exterior truss frames are made from Australian hardwood flooring. The sleeping and bathing pods, outdoor living area, and connecting walkways were all constructed using efficient materials in Brisbane before they were put together near Gladstone.

Not only does the campground harvest rainwater, but the local municipality recycles all of its greywater for everything except drinking and bathing. On site photovoltaics generate energy and water is heated using solar power as well. Deep overhangs shade the rooms from excess solar gain and orientation maximizes ventilation so that no air conditioning is required to keep the place cool. This award-winning design is deeply inspiring. Have you started packing your bags yet?

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