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Each of the prefabricated buildings will be built on a 6m hexagonal base, utilizing a modular design in place of conventional pitched roof buildings that are normally erected in rain forests. There are seven module types to choose from, which can be open or closed (with or without a roof) depending on function. A testament to its flexibility, the modular system will be the basis for 20 bungalows, a 300-seat auditorium, two multipurpose rooms, a restaurant and bar, a sports area with swimming pool, and supporting administration and service spaces.

Having a resort made of prefabricated materials also means less waste, and less environmental impact associated with transporting materials to and from the build site. Building materials will consist of bamboo or similar local materials such as eucalyptus. Constructed with a radial intertwined organisation of tubular sections resting on a single point, the design will enable a building to be open to the elements. On top of it all, quite literally, the modular accommodation will collect rainwater to provide some level of self sufficiency.

The resort will comprise a fusion of modern architectural ideas and traditional building materials, providing Amazon trekkers the perfect place to rest before their journey. As word spreads and more travellers are attracted to the area, it will be easy to expand the eco-resort – without the need for any tedious redesigns or expensive construction work.

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