If you’ve never been privy to an end-of-lease battle with your landlord over how much damage falls on your shoulders, consider yourself both rare and fortunate. Almost everyone has hastily patched a couple of holes with toothpaste in hopes of seeing their deposit again. Two designers in Montreal have just created a few modern furnishings to help you become a lower-impact tenant. They lean securely against the wall with no mountings.

Frederic Galliot and Vincent Hauspy launched Pr?sentation Sugg?r?e as a means of enhancing efficiency and minimizing impact. The name means “Suggested Serving,” implying that the product comes prepared just for you in the box, but you choose how to consume it. The table and shelf consoles have customized dimensions, materials and colors to suit your space and your functional requirements.

The wood versions are manufactured by Patella Woodworking, who utilize 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber content containing no added formaldehyde. The consoles are then coated in a water-based laquer. To symbolize and brand their eco-friendly approach, Presentation Suggeree has developed a “Made in Quebec” logo – a symbol based on the traditional wood and leather snowshoe originally made by the natives of that region. They hope to evolve it into a “graphic manifesto” that can be used by other designers who make the same environmental commitment. I’m not yet convinced that this design is truly more space-efficient than your standard freestanding shelf or table, but they have a novel aesthetic and a respectable mission. We’ll wait to see what they serve up next.

link: Pr?sentation Sugg?r?e
via: Value Created Review