Prime Roots is upending the food landscape with mushrooms as another protein source. On February 14, the startup will unveil its meatless, non-GMO “bacon” to entice all food-lovers. The one-day-only, limited release will allow customers to order “bacongrams” for loved ones, while supplies last.

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According to the company website, fungi are considered superproteins. With the use of mushrooms as a protein source, Prime Roots’ products are naturally antibiotic- and hormone-free. Additionally, the startup promises that its products are “delicious tasting, high in digestibility, sustainable, allergen-free, animal-free and non-GMO.”

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Last summer, The Spoon reported that Prime Roots utilizes mushroom mycelium, which has certain qualities that are, by contrast, absent in plant proteins. For instance, “mycelium require minimal resources to grow and are a more efficient source of protein than plants, [the latter of] which often require solvents to fully extract all the protein.”

meatless bacon on a sandwich

Because fungi — and, by extension, mycelium — are tasteless, Prime Roots discovered it would not need to mask any plant flavors. Instead, mycelium “can be used to make any manner of meat or seafood substitutes.” No surprise then that the company leveraged mycelium’s versatility to develop food products with flavorful offerings that resemble chicken tenders, crackers, crab cakes, ground beef, high-protein savory dip, lobster chunks, protein bars, salmon burger, sausages, shrimp and even tuna chunks.

Although Prime Roots has developed several flavors, they have not been rolled out yet. On the company website, visitors have, for many months now, been encouraged to select their top three flavors via the startup’s product voting initiative. According to the company, the “resounding winner” was bacon, which explains its arrival as Prime Roots’ first official product debut.

Prime Roots has shared that its “bacon” product’s main ingredient is koji, which is “an umami-rich, all-natural fungi that serves as the cornerstone for all of Prime Roots’ delicious meat substitutes. Brewed in small batches, the koji is formed into strips, and then put into a wood smoker, which elicits the same taste, sizzle and smokiness of pork bacon without the health, animal welfare, and environmental downsides … Prime Roots makes it possible to satisfy your bacon cravings in a way that is good for your heart and the planet.”

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