His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is planning an eco-village in East Ayrshire, Scotland, called Knockroon, and electric car charging infrastructure will be a key element. The plan, involving 700 homes to be built over 15 years, hopes to demonstrate that electric and hybrid vehicles can be a viable solution for rural communities by pre-installing EV chargers in every home. Also on offer is a diesel or hybrid car sharing program residents will automatically be enrolled in upon moving to Knockroon.

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Knockroon is 40 miles from Glasgow and 90 miles from Edinburgh, which means a resident could make it to either city on a single charge of a Nissan LEAF. But just to allay range anxieties, Prince Charles is planning to install a car charging station halfway between the Knockroon and Edinburgh.

What we love is how quaint and traditional this future-tech village manages to look in the architectural plans. Check out our gallery to see more of the lovely Scottish village.

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